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Delta Tunnel Litigation

Delta Alliance's March 2023 comments to the Army Corps of Engineers

Michael A. Brodsky ACOE comments

Save the California Delta Alliance's Complaint against the twin-tunnels. Read to see how we defeated the twin-tunnel project in court and learn more about the problems with any Delta tunnel.

Save the California Delta Alliance's Protest against the twin tunnels before the State Water Resources Control Board.

Save  the California Delta Alliance's 2015 administrative comments on the EIR

Delta Alliance's 2017 EIR comments on noise impacts

Save the California Delta Alliance's 2014 administrative comments on the EIR. A necessary predicate to litigation.

Delta Alliance's briefing before the Delta Stewardship Council against the twin tunnels

Delta Stewardship Council's Determination that the twin tunnels violate the Delta Plan

Delta Alliance's 10.24.18 presentation to the Council

Delta Alliance's 11.15.18 presentation to the Council

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